#mbotcontest Robot Hero: "Combo mBot Twins" 3 years ago

This Robot Hero is called "Combo mBot Twins" and it has been designed in Vilafranca del Penedès (Barcelona). Its mission: to rescue persons, animals or important objects in a danger zone punished by an Earthquake. Combo mBot Twins are 2 mBots in cooperation: its 2 mCore boards are controlled by one only IR Controller and they are programmed with different functionalities:mCore board 1: to control the robot's movement: - It moves with M1/2 motors in autonomous way, avoiding obstacles with servo+ultrasonic sensor. - It detects and avoids holes and Earthquake cracks with the line follower. - It stops and whistles when PIR sensor detects a person asking for help. - It gives you the Robot's control with IR Remote after PIR detection. - Restart the autonomous program to search.mCore board 2: to control the robot's rescue utilities with IR Controller: - Rotate the mini gripper and Led's structure with M1 and M2 motors. - Use mini gripper. - Turn on/off back and front Leds. Enjoy!

Constructing Steps

Watch the video and see the "Combo mBot Twins" in action. Enjoy!

Original mBot 1

Prepare linkage structures and a mBot with mCore board 1.


Support structure

Use linkage structures for making a support structure to fix mCore board 2 and some sensors.

mBot 2 chassis

Take the mBot 2 chassis and fix a caster wheel on it.

mBot 2 chassis to mBot chassis 1

Take the mBot 2 chassis and fix it to the support strucuture of mBot 1.

Line follower with a structure for detecting holes and earthquake cracks.

Servo + ultrasonic sensor for detecting obstacles

Assembling a support structure for mCore board 2

RJ25 Adapter for wiring the servo that supports ultrasonic sensor

Fixing the Me PIR motion sensor and Me LED

Fixing the second RJ25 Adapter and Motors 1 and 2

All fixed on mBot 2 chassis and connected to mCore board 2.

Assembling the mini-gripper, mini pan-tilt and back LED strucuture

All assembled and ready for wiring. Combo mBot Twins in service

mCore board 1:

PORT 1: Me PIR Motion Sensor

PORT 2: Line Follower

PORT 3: RJ25 Adapter

PORT 4: Ultrasonic sensor

mCore Board 2:

PORT 1: -

PORT 2: Me LED back

PORT 3: RJ25 Adapter

PORT 4: Me LED front

Vila-Maker City made with recycled materials


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  • Project Difficulty Level
  • Required Skills
    Software Machinery Electronics
  • Material Cost
    $ 298.63