The mischievious Robots of Halloween! Part 2 3 years ago

Hey everyone. We’ve been busy in our labs preparing the entire clan of our special Halloween series of Robots! The next robot is here for everyone to see! With the last robot we introduced, it had a very interesting story, and it was said that in order welcome in Halloween, there were secret meetings and discussions among those ghosties and ghoulies, and all of demons and monsters, that all of them would go out during the Night of Fright to all houses to demand candy from their owners. This time we have all of the monsters coming out to play! Monsters such as: The Demon Bunny, Angry Stripey, The Cell Phone Robot Demon, and The Grim Reaper. The monsters will continue to knock at the door, but this time will they have success in getting your candy?!

Constructing Steps

In this video, we can see, that The Demon Bunny is actually a cute rabbit. All you have to do is just rub it’s sides and it will be so happy that it will dance and twirl around it’s ears.

Angry Stripey is a small dog, and he loves to wag his tail and ask for candy. Even though most of the time his temperament is happy, he can get extremely angry without his candy!

The Cell Phone Robot Demon loves to stick around with humans! Wherever you go, it will walk in it’s peculiar way and follow you.

The Grim Reaper dresses in a dark and creepy robe, he keeps his robe draped over his hidden arm, which is use to quickly and daftly grab candy whenever he is able to find it…



Well we’ve seen them! Now how do you make them?

The Demon Bunny moves around because it has a sound sensor on both it’s left and right sides. Not only can it sense sound, it can sense the volume of the sounds around him.

Under The Angry Stripey monsters mustache we have installed his on and off switch for the happy modes and the angry modes, it can be switched on and off as you please! We also installed an on and off switch inside of his body, so that when you put candy in his pouch, he will stop being angry and get back to his original, happy state!

The Cell Phone robot uses Facial Recognition Software, and also can sense the movements around him, and follow you as you move around him!

The Grim Reaper has an in-app camera functionality. Through the app, we can see the live feed from the camera, and control him from afar, without even having to see him! We can capture candy with him remotely, now how cool is that. 

There are also some Easter eggs in the ending credits for you to see!

Well isn’t it so cool?! Don’t you want to make your own Halloween monsters?

Don’t you worry, all of the Monsters here at Makeblock are Open Source and the instructions are all online! This includes the design photos, internal structures, and the code to operate them.

We will release each monster according the schedule listed below, including everything you need to build and operate it!


1.The Dancing Pumpkin Lantern


2.Candy-Eating Monster


3.The Scaredy Cat Demon


4.The Cannon


5.The Cell Phone Robot Demon


6.The Demon Bunny


7.The Grim Reaper


8.Angry Stripey


Last Robot:

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