mBot + PixyCMU Cam with pan & tilt (SPI version) 3 years ago

Saw Mech Dickel's post 8 days ago. In fact, I created a similar robot but slightly different where mine has pan & tilt feature. http://openlab.makeblock.com/topic/57e1e26b695004350cceb478 I didn't use the pin cables, I use the out of the box Pixy's SPI cable.

Constructing Steps

1) Build up the top frame.

2) Place the Pixy CMU Cam on top of the frame 

3) Velcro 3 angles of the camera so it won't fall off

4) Plug in the SPI cable to the mCore board

5) take note rearrange all the sensor board to port 1 and 2 leave the port 3 & 4 without any sensor board.

6) Launch Arduino IDE load my ino into mBot on a specific port

7) Plug the Pixy Cam to your Mac or PC , use PixyCam software record all the signatures

8) Once all this are done then power up the mBot and flag the object in front of the robot. It will pan and tilt and turn accordingly.

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  • Project Difficulty Level
  • Required Skills
    Software Machinery Electronics
  • Constructing Time
    50 Min
  • Material Cost
    $ 200