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Have you ever imagined that you can also DIY your own camera slider? Yes, you saw it right! You just need several beams, a stepper motor, a MegaPi to build the main part, then a synchronous belt, and now your camera slider is done. As you see, the camera is fixed on the camera slider to take photos of the scene in front of it. Wow, it is so cool, isn't it?

Constructing Steps

Notice:6*AA battery is suitable for mobile phone shooting. For professional camera, 2500mAh Dry Battery will be highly recommended.

Prepare a MegaPi (including motor driver), batteries and a button module first.


Prepare a 42BYG Stepper Motor with a 3.96-4P green plug.

Connect 42BYG Stepper Motor, batteries and button module to MegaPi.


Build the main structure. Stabilize Slider Beam2424 -752-Blue and Beam0824-128-Blue as below.

Stabilize the other sides as below.

Prepare all the materials and put them together to make a shaft.

Prepare screws and 42BYG Stepper Motor Bracket B-Blue

Fix the bracket on Slider Beam2424 -752-Blue

Fix the bracket on Slider Beam2424 -752-Blue.

Prepare a Slider Plate and 4 wheels. Firstly install four copper cylinders on the plate, then install the wheels on it. 

After that, fix the Slider Plate on Slider Beam2424 -752-Blue.

Prepare a Timing Belt (2m), Open-end.

Then prepare two Belt Connectors and connect them together.

Stabilize the belt by the connectors, and fix the connectors on Slider Plate.

Prepare a plate with four copper cylinders, and fix it on Slider Plate

Install a camera platform on a quick release plate, then stabilize the plate as below.



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  • Constructing Time
    60 Min
  • Material Cost
    $ 210