Ultimate 2.0 --- Detecting Robot 3 years ago

Detecting Robot is a tracked robot with line-following sensor and ultrasonic sensor. It can be controlled by app and there are three modes for this robots: manual mode, line-following mode and obstacle-avoiding mode. Also, with great off-road performance, it can cross the sand or rugged road smoothly.

Constructing Steps

 3D model

  Animated Assembling Instruction


  Play With APP

After assembly,you can control your robot with smartphone,tablet, and computer.

1. Makeblock App HD Download. Not all devices are compatible now. Check d.makeblock.com on your smart device's browser for confirmation, then download on App store or Google play.

2. Bluetooth Connection. Turn on your robot and the Bluetooth of your smart device; tap on the Robot ID in the search list to pair your smart device with therobot. When the connection indicator LED is solid on, it means that they have been paired successfully.

3. Choose project “Ultimate 2.0 – Detecting Robot” in the list. 

4. Get to know how to use the Makeblock App with Ultimate 2.0, please visit learn.makeblock.com/ultimate2-play-with-app/v .


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