How to Make a Ball Launcher with Ultimate Robot Kit 3 years ago

The ball launcher is a transformation of Ultimate Robot Kit. You can control it with your smart device or program it with Arduino IDE and mBlock. Let's get started.

Part list

Constructing Steps

Assemble the chasis

Part list:

1×Beam 0808-88

2×Beam 0824-96

2×Beam 0824-128

2×Beam 0824-144

10×Screw M4×14

4×Screw M4×22

4×Nut M4

Assemble transmission of DC Motor-37mm

Part list:

2×Threaded Shaft 4×39mm

1×D Shaft 4×56mm

6×Screw M4×14

4×Nut M4

1×Beam 0808-88

2×Shaft Connector 4mm

2×Timing Pulley Slice 90T

5×Headless Set Screw M3×5

4×Screw M3×8

1×Timing pulley 18T

1×Beam 0824-80

1×Timing pulley 90T

1×DC Motor-37 Bracket 

1×DC Motor 37

1×Timing Belt 98MXL

1×Plastic Ring 4×7×2mm

Assemble transmission of DC Motor-25

Part list:

4×Screw M4×14

1×Bracket 3×3

1×Shaft Collar 4mm

3×Headless Set Screw M3×5

1×D Shaft 4×56mm

1×DC Motor-25

1×DC Motor-25 Bracket 

1×Shaft Connector 4mm

1×Gear 16

2×Screw M3×8

1×Gear 80

Assemble a launcher

Part list:

2×Beam 0808-184

2×Beam 0824-64

2×Timing Belt Connector

1×Bracket P3

2×Bracket 3×3

2×Threaded Shaft 4×39mm

15×Screw M4×8

2×Screw M4×14

1×Screw M4×30

5×Nut M4

2×Plastic Ring 4×7×2mm

1×Nylon Stud M4×30

Assemble electronic modules

Part list:

6×Nut M4

4×Nylon Stud M4×30

12×Screw M4×8

1×Me Bluetooth Module

4×Screw M4×14

1×Makeblock Orion

1×RJ25 Cable-20cm

1×Battery Holder for (6) AA

2×Base Bracket

Assemble all parts together

Part list:

1×Bracket 3×6

1×Plate 7×9

1×Beam 0808-184

8×Nut M4

4×Screw M4×8

8×Screw M4×14

1×Rubber Ring

1×D Shaft 4×56mm(replaced with 1×Threaded Shaft 4×39mm)

3×Headless Set Screw M3×5

1×Shaft Connector 4mm(replaced with 13×Plastic Ring 4×7×2mm, 2×Screw M4×22)

1×Shaft Collar 4mm

1×Plastic Ring 4×7×2

Replace D Shaft 4×56mm and Shaft Connector(marked in the previous pic) with Threaded Shaft, Plastic Ring and Screw M4×22 as shown in the following pic.


The wiring configuration of this robot is similar to Robotic Arm Tank. So you can follow the instruction of user manual of Ultimate Robot Kit to get it done.

Programming and More

You can download an App to play with it. Graphical programming is also provided to make it easier to get started. You can also program it with Arduino IDE. Those information could be found at  Have fun.


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